What is the theoretical basis for EMDR?
Is EMDR a one-session cure?
Is EMDR an efficacious treatment for PTSD?
Are treatment effects maintained over time?
Is EMDR applied to every clinical disorder?
What have meta-analyses revealed about EMDR?
What elements of EMDR contribute to its effectiveness?
Are eye movements considered essential to EMDR?
What has research determined about EMDR's eye movement
Do eye movements contribute to outcome in EMDR?
What are some hypothesized mechanisms of action for eye movements in EMDR?
What does the research show about the neurobiological aspects of EMDR?
What are the side effects?
What can I expect with EMDR, ie., what should/could happen?
How many sessions will it take?
How many sessions with the therapist BEFORE (s)he begins EMDR?
Is EMDR effective with Schizophrenia?
What questions should be asked to find out if clincians are qualified and if they have expertise using EMDR with my problem/disorder?
Is EMDR the same as hypnosis..what are the differences/similarities?
How do I know EMDR would work for me/work for my anxiety/problems, etc.? Am I a candidate for EMDR?
Will EMDR or the eye movements increase the frequency of seizures?
Will EMDR/eye movements cause seizures?
Will I live the trauma as intensely as before?
What are the adverse effects?
Confusion, misinformation and charges of pseudoscience