What to Expect from Psychotherapy

Psychotherpy is a process. It is not a place to FIX but a place to figure things out. It will require time and patience. You lead. I follow. My role is to mediate thought, observe and offer insights. The  time you will need to spend in therapy is up to you and is different for everyone. Sometimes, clients may only need a few months to sort out a specific issue and others may spend much more time in therapy resoving and deconstructing complex issues and history.  We should get a feel for how long you might need to be in therapy within the first few sessions. Please note: if you are in crisis, please call 911 or a crisis intervention therapist. Once the crisis passes, you will be ready to explore this type of work.

Modalities Used for Your Treatment

Psychodynamic: Insight therapy. connecting issues related to early life experiences
Relational: use of empathy and compassion
Attachment Perspective: learned style of interacting in relationships
Narrative: reconstructing your life story
Motivational: talk therapy/coaching and brain storming
Brief Therapy: Short term, solution focused work
EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for small and BIG T trauma as well as relational trauma and an array of other issues.

Information About My Treatment Style

While I am not the silent type of therapist, I do understand that you will need a safe place and the psychological and physical space to deconstruct your issues. As a team, we will identify the issues that rise to the surface and discuss how they play out in your life. Our goal is to find insights that make sense, information that you can apply to your life in real time.


Individual Psychotherapy (45-50 min)- 140

EMDR (60-90 min)- 180

Students- 100

Art is your only income- 100

Clinical Supervision for Interns and Licensed Clinicians-Please call me

Home Visits- 180 (Seniors-100)

Facetime Sessions- 140

Psychotherapy for Therapists-Call me

Sliding scale may be available for those making under 80k.
How my fee is determined.


United Behavioral Health


ANTHEM-I am not taking ANTHEM until further notice. You can submit to Anthem on your own for reimbursement.

Self Pay (140)-Sliding Scale may be available

PPO PLANS-(You pay at the time we meet and request reimbursement from your plan. I provide the statement for you).

NOTE: Please call your insurance and verify your DEDUCTIBLE and CO PAY information before we speak or meet in person.





What you need to know about using your insurance.