Attachment based Psychodynamic Psychotherapy using a Relational approach

What sets me apart from other therapists is my interactive approach to your issues. While I am formally trained to look at your concerns using a psychodynamic modality (tracing back problematic patterns to their early origin then offering insights), I find that most clients also want “real time” conceptualizations of their concern and new ways of thinking.

EMDR:  I use both my education and training in EMDR (see EMDR) and my understanding of Attachment difficulties and Relational Trauma to inform my clinical insights about you. If you chose to work with me, I can confidently say that this therapy experience that you are about to embark on will not be shrouded in mystery or silence. You can think of this therapy experience as a dialogue, a conversation, a way forward.

Psychotherapy is an investment in yourself which will enrich many areas of your life for years to come. As a therapist, I provide a safe place in which you can reflect on yourself and begin to understand the unconscious motivations and desires which drive your behaviors and actions. If you are committed to growth and would like to challenge your world view, you have found a good place to start!

A little about me: I am a psychodynamically trained psychotherapist. I will investigate your past only as it is relevant to your presenting issue. In our work together, you can expect that we will “turn over many stones” in an attempt to understand how the past can and might be inhibiting your ability to move forward. However, I also work in the “here and now”. It all depends on you and what you bring into the space. Whatever modality I bring to our work, I will inform you of my thinking and which way we might be headed. Whichever road you lead us down, I will be there as observer, mediator and supporter. However, this is your life so you must be as serious about this process as I am.

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