Change is possible, inevitable yet incremental.

- Robert Norgaard -

My role as therapist is to create movement, mediate thought, observe and offer insight.

Your job is to actively participate in your treatment, question, ask and create the change you want. I will guide you through this process.

You are the Artist and the Art.

- Robert Norgaard -

What sets me apart from other therapists is my interactive approach to your concerns. While I am formally trained to look at your issues using a psychoanalytic perspective, I understand that many clients also want “real time” conceptualizations of their concerns. That is why I incorporate a Cognitive Behavioral approach and methodologies to address the desire for "here and now" solutions.

P  A  L  M     S  P  R  I  N  G  S
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Robert Norgaard a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. A certified EMDR clinician, certified by Emdria International, and a member of the Parnell Institute for EMDR.
Robert is also a life coach using EMDR.